Mitch Murder - Breakazoid

Mitch Murder is getting ready to strike with the upcoming release of "Interceptor", a new album straight from the past. Below is just a taste of that crisp retro style that will instantly bring a smile to the face of any 80s fans.

"Breakazoid" takes you on a stroll across Venice beach in the early 80s with memorable synth riffs and drum kit pops that would make any Casio keyboard proud.

You can pre-order the album today on iTunes and prepare yourself for a journey through time with retro veteran Mitch Murder. iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/interceptor/id885134793

Zak Waters - Gimme Little Sign


Vocalist Zak Waters showed up here once before when we covered Madeon's "The City". Now back with a track all his own, Zak brings back his tried and tested formula to deliver a delightfully upbeat electronic pop hit.

SventhWonder - Hold U Down

"Hold U Down" takes Dianne Reeves' "Feels So Good" back in time and creates an instant hit that would sound right at home on any oldies mix.

For fans of smooth R&B and soulful instrumental tracks, SventhWonder (Mateus Almeida) has championed the genre in recent years. With regular installments of 90s inspired tracks rich in funk and feels, the #SevnthSundays series has served us all well. 

Good news for old and new SevnthWonder fans alike as he recently announced that an album is in the works! This is big news for me as I can never get enough slow jams. Swing by his Twitter or Facebook page to show your love and support! 

MUST DIE! - Wheels Theme (Konec Remix)


Up and comer Konec does work on Must Die!'s "Wheels Theme". At its core, Konec's remix is a solid electro track, but you will hear some 808 dub flavor and horns that growl loudly over the bass. 


Pegboard Nerds - Hero ft. Elizaveta (Da Tweekaz 'Guitar Hero' Mix)

Da Tweekaz, Norwegian duo Kenth Kvien and Marcus Nordli, set their sites on Elizaveta's "Hero" and transformed the pianist/opera singer's melodic anthem into a bouncy and raw hardcore track.

 This is only a taste of the hardcore stylings offered by the duo and if you are lucky enough to be near the Netherlands this weekend you can check them out live at Defqon 2014 in Biddinghuizen.


Diplo - Bigge Bounce (Tony Romera Remix) feat. Angger Dimas and Travis Porter

I've been a long time follower and fan of Diplo's unique brand of music. His bass heavy productions infuse modern house and trap sounds to create infectious and sinister breaks that worm their way into your head. Working with big names like M.I.A. and Major Lazer, Diplo himself has come to represent the highest quality of composition in the scene.