This Feels Terrible

Erin McGathy’s podcast, “This Feels Terrible”, offers a refreshing take on relationships and life.

Join Erin as she relives some of her most intimate and embarrassing moments. You'll enjoy a wild ride that will have you laughing uncontrollably one minute and cringing with embarrassment the next. 

“This Feels Terrible” is a weekly podcast that has delivered enjoyably terrible episodes since Erin’s first episode just two months ago. Her promising new series is poised to become one of this year's top comedy podcasts.

What are you waiting for? Check Erin out today and begin experiencing regular fits of awkward hilarity.  

You can find “This Feels Terrible” on iTunes and Feral Audio

Episode Length: 60-90minutes

Updates: Weekly

Topics: Relationships, Sex, Love, True Stories, Comedy

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