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Daft Punk - Get Lucky ft. Pharrell Williams, Nile Rogers


EDM's legendary duo Guy Manuel and Thomas Bangalter are finally back with a new album. Slated for a May 2013 release, Daft Punk is poised to set the world on fire with their highly anticipated album.While a fantastic piece on its own, the Tron Legacy soundtrack lacked the funky twang of Daft Punk's earlier offerings.

The first single of the new album, "Get Lucky", features the vocal talents of Pharrell Williams and funk legend Nile Rogers on guitar. Daft Punk makes a huge statement with the track - infusing classic 70's soulful groove with their trademark brand of electronic funk.


Michael Woods - Platinum Chains


Back from a long break, Mandatory Listening will be resuming regular posts this coming April. Our following has grown larger than ever anticipated, and we have massive amounts of content to share.

While you wait, why not throw Michael Woods mind blowing original, "Platinum Chains", on repeat. I've been listening to it for hours and it shows no signs of growing old.


Vicetone - Hope (ft. Barack Obama)


I've commented on Vicetone's growth over the last year. I've been witness the maturing of their sound and production quality and their latest release, "Hope", exemplifies this. This will assuredly be the most inspiration piece you hear from this duo for a long time to come.

Taylor Swift- I Knew You Were Trouble. (PRFFTT & Svyable Bootleg)


PRFFTT's bootleg of Taylor Swift's "I Knew You Were Trouble" puts a refreshing spin on the original while still remaining true to Taylor's consitently stunning vocal performance.

Will.I.Am feat Britney Spears - Scream & Shout (Richard L Baile Funk Remix)


Brazil's Richard-L is at it again. Just 24 hours ago he dropped a teaser for his upcoming mashup. The wait was nearly nonexistant as we already have our hands on his latest mashup "Scream and Shout". Mixing together Britney Spears and Will.I.Am, Richard-L creates a dirty electro funk track that makes you feel nasty.