Lying To You - Goldroom

Goldroom has consistently delivered mellow electro tracks over the years. "Lying To You" adds to their growing number of vocal tracks with a post-modern disco vibe. A great mid week track to start the day with.


Hamilton - Acappella Medley

It wasn't until a few weeks ago when I first heard of "Hamilton". If only I had come across it early because the musical is one of a kind. I have never come across such a well composed musical number that is also educational. This medley by Peter Hollens and company will give you a good preview of quality of the musical and it is definitely something you should look to check out.


Karma Fields - Dark Age

If you try to Google "Karma Fields" you are unlikely to find any substantial information as to who is behind the recent string of Monstercat releases by the artist. The best I've come across is that Karma Fields is a computer AI composing music and collaborating with humans in secret online chat rooms. Probably a load of bullshit. 

While the story behind Karma Fields is a bit ridiculous, what it stands for isn't. As a nondescript artist with no face, Karma Fields allows listeners experience a pure sound with no creator bias. As Steven Zhu has talked about in the past, choosing to release content under your own name can sometimes carry baggage. 


Sounds of the League - LCS Mega Mix

Riot Games has taken the eSports world by storm with the continued growth of their flagship title, League of Legends, and their continued efforts to make the League Championship Series (LCS) the premier sporting event. Part of that has involved putting together a top tier electro playlist with the talents like Dom Kane, Gregg Lehrman, Casey Dunmore, and many others. This mega mix contains over 2 hours of LCS music.

If you haven't heard of League of Legends by now you are part of a growing minority, but not all is lost. The game is ENTIRELY free and you can sign up below.

Play for FREE: http://signup.leagueoflegends.com/?ref=4c951bbfeb6a0791035867


Mitch Murder - Breakazoid

Mitch Murder is getting ready to strike with the upcoming release of "Interceptor", a new album straight from the past. Below is just a taste of that crisp retro style that will instantly bring a smile to the face of any 80s fans.

"Breakazoid" takes you on a stroll across Venice beach in the early 80s with memorable synth riffs and drum kit pops that would make any Casio keyboard proud.

You can pre-order the album today on iTunes and prepare yourself for a journey through time with retro veteran Mitch Murder. iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/interceptor/id885134793